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The "Guofang Cup" 2020 World Madam China Division Final and Awards Ceremony came to a successful conclusion

發布時間:2021-02-01 09:26:48 來源:壹點網

The "Guofang Cup" 2020 World Madam China Division Final and Awards Ceremony came to a successful conclusion

One Step for Madam, One Step for the World.

The "Guofang Cup" 2020 World Madam China Division Final and Awards Ceremony came to a successful conclusion on Beijing Time January 23rd, 2021.

There were 99 candidates entering the China Division Final through various provincial level competitions since August 2020. In order to actively abide by the pandemic regulations of the Chinese government, the China Division Final was taking place on stage and streaming online simultaneously.

Madam Annie Huang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the World Madam Group, gave a keynote speech.

Mr.Qiaosheng Han, the renowned host of CCTV, delivered his blessing online to all the candidates. The event was jointly hosted by Ms.Jun Yao of CCTV and Mr.Guoquan Wang of CINTV on stage.

Deputy general manager Ms.Yanwei Yang, who represented the title sponsor Shanghai Guofang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., delivered her speech mentioning: "Shanghai Guofang will support Madam Annie Huang and the future World Madam global activities as an expression of Shanghai Guofang's dedication on building healthy and happy families around the world."

The China Division Final kicked off with a passionate violin performance. With the music “We are the world” playing, the candidates made their collective appearances on stage. They then one by one demonstrated their talent,Intelligence Q&A,the Qipao and  formal dress further displayed their grace and elegance.

The judging committee of the 2020 World Madam China Division Final had reviewed in advance the personal information of all the candidates in order to have a preliminary evaluation. The candidates were further evaluated after their onstage or online performances. We finally had our 2020 World Madam China Division annual overall winner, honorary overall winner, groups first place, second place and third place winners and other individual awards winners.

Professor Liangxing Tang was invited to serve as the Chairman of the Judging Committee. Professor Tang, a famous musician and educator, is currently the art consultant of the China National Orchestra. He had won the Lifetime Achievement Award of Multinational Traditional Art in many countries. Professor Tang highly praised the event afterward.

The China Division Final established an online popular voting scheme for the candidates which is different from ordinary online popular voting. After deducting the activities cost, incomes generated by votes casted by relativesand friends will be reserved by the organizer for public welfare activities being conducted by the madams and the World Madam Organizing Committee.

The "Guofang Cup" 2020 World Madam China Division Final and Award Ceremony was an unprecedented occasion. Global Executive Chairman Madam Lisa Chen, Global Ambassador Madam Laura Weissbecker, Global Music Director Mr. Jonny Blu, Executive Chairman of the Netherlands Division Madam Die Zhang and British Artistic Director Madam Beibei Wang had sent their blessing and their wonderful performances through the Cloud. In addition, China Division Music Director Madam Ziman Ge sang onstage the song “Remain True To Our Original Aspiration".

Different from traditional beauty pageants, WORLD MADAM does not judge candidates by mean of appearance, figure and talent. Instead, candidates define their successes and achievements by mean of their rich multi-dimensional, diverse, inclusive social roles. The phrase "The great madam for the world, the great world for madam” is a new interpretation of the mission of the WORLD MADAM raised by Madam Anni Huang as founder.

In order to thank all the participating madams, guests, judges, news media, the organizing committee members, event partners, the secretary team members, Madam Annie Huang specially sang onstage the song "Ode to Pear Blossoms” to express her warm appreciation in "Guofang Cup" 2020 World Madam China Awards Ceremony.

The madams had shown the stage with their life stories, they had also harvested extra ordinary moments of their lives. The end of this China division final means the beginning of a new phrase of their lives. The world is beautiful because of women, human beings become whole because of women. Now with their crowns on, World Madam will go forward with honor and mission. Just as Madam Anni Huang encouraged candidates before the Final: "Before you becoming the World Madam, you are in the pursuit of success, after you becoming the World Madam, please add meaning to your success......".

After the final, some of madams will represent China to compete at the 2020 World Madam Global Final.

We expect that there will be more madams walking side by side in the future for the purposes of spreading love among nations and families, caring the environment, dedicating their efforts on public welfare and charity.


  • ① 凡本網注明“來源:人民歐洲網”的所有作品,版權均屬于人民歐洲網,未經本網授權不得轉載、摘編或利用其它方式使用上述作品。已經本網授權使用作品的,應在授權范圍內使用,并注明“來源:人民歐洲網”。違反上述聲明者,本網將追究其相關法律責任。
  • ② 凡本網注明“來源:XXX(非中國網)”的作品,均轉載自其它媒體,轉載目的在于傳遞更多信息,并不代表本網贊同其觀點和對其真實性負責。
  • ③ 如因作品內容、版權和其它問題需要同本網聯系的,請在30日內進行。

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